(Sacramento, CA) — Senator Darrell Steinberg, President pro Tem of the California Senate, makes the following statement in response to the negotiated ceasefire between the Government of Israel and Palestinian Hamas:

“I welcome the announcement of a ceasefire agreement between the Government of Israel and Palestinian Hamas. The Israeli Government should be commended for allowing Egypt’s proposal an opportunity to work, despite the indiscriminate missile and bomb attacks launched from the Gaza Strip against the civilian population of Israel.

“To avoid further retaliatory surgical strikes against those operatives seeking to terrorize Israeli civilians, Palestinian leaders must accept that its rocket attacks from Gaza must stop. Recognizing that the violence perpetrated by Palestinian Hamas has brought suffering upon its own people, as well as the people of Israel, I urge the Israeli government to show restraint in the face of provocation by continuing to guard against strikes on the civilian population of Gaza.

“From my travels through the region, I know that most Palestinians and Israelis aspire to see an end to this perpetual cycle of violence.

“A true test of integrity now rests on the shoulders of Palestinian Hamas, which will be monitored and judged around the world.”

Contact: Rhys Williams
Press Secretary | Office of Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg