Upcoming Security Grant Opportunities


Now that it has released the list of awardees for last spring’s federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), California’s Office of Emergency Services will soon announce the 2021 California State NSGP opportunity. If you need help completing the Risk and Target Hardening portions of the application or arranging for a vulnerability assessment for your site, please let your local Federation know.

If you’re considering applying for a state or federal security grant, register for an upcoming NSGP Bootcamp on Tuesday, October 12, and Wednesday, October 20 that is being led and offered by The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund of San Francisco. In these sessions, we review how to complete and submit an effective application and answer any questions you have. The process will be the same whether you apply to the state program this fall or the federal program next spring.

Both sessions are on zoom.

Register for the October 12th session here.

Register for the October 20th session here.