JPAC Capitol Summit 2023
Outreach Toolkit

Dear Community Partner – Thank you for your help in recruiting people to JPAC Capitol Summit, our premier annual event. With a strong showing at Capitol Summit, we demonstrate to state lawmakers the power of our community’s voice.

The value of our coalition is only as strong as the sum of our individual efforts. As a member of JPAC, we rely on you to help us recruit. Each person’s participation helps further the work you all do: protecting vulnerable institutions with vital security infrastructure; rooting out antisemitism and hate; expanding social services for seniors, immigrants, and those who are food insecure; and increasing civil rights protections for Jews and all vulnerable people.

We will work to ensure that financial constraints do not get in the way of your participation in Capitol Summit. If you would like to discuss group registration rates for your organization, please reach out to David Bocarsly ( If any of your community members would like to discuss individual discounted rates, have them contact Helena Weiss-Duman (

Please see the resources below. We are including sample text for your newsletters, social media, and website. We also ask you to engage in direct outreach to colleagues, board members, public policy committee members, students, and anyone else you think might be interested in participating.

Conference Website
& Registration Link

Please make sure to include this link in all postings for JPAC Capitol Summit:

Everything you need to make your outreach look aligned with JPAC’s branding

Feel free to use or tweak this language for your newsletters or website – or gather the information and write your own text!

Templates for your next tweet or instagram post – drafted for you to copy/paste, tweak, or seek inspiration #CAJewishVoice

Have David or another JPAC leader talk to your board, committee, young professional group, etc. People are itching to get involved when they hear about what we do!

We work to ensure not that financial constraints do not get in the way of anyone’s participation. Help to send to Capitol Summit students, young professionals, and others for whom registration cost is a barrier to participate.