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JPAC’s Legislative Agenda is Announced

On May 12, JPAC’s Advocacy Day will be in full swing! Advocates will lobby on three main issues: budget cut restoration for programs for needy seniors, a hunger bill package, and preschool for all. 

We are also pleased to announce our support for several other bills of interest and importance to our members, including Atkins’ affordable housing bill package, several immigration bills, and an ADL-sponsored by (AB 1267).

Details can be found here.  Register today!

JPAC’s Lobbying Efforts Pay Off in Sacramento

On May 13, over 85 advocates from across the State represented JPAC in meetings with 53 legislators.  We lobbied our representatives to support SB 840 (Lara) on anti-bullying efforts in schools, SB 1165 (Mitchell, Block) on anti human trafficking programs and SB 1388 (Lieu) on increasing penalties for human trafficking, and requesting support for increasing funding for food banks and the SSI/SSP grants for the Stat’es most vulnerable.  Our efforts paid off.  As a result of JPAC,  the SSI/SSP COLA was restored and is next going to be heard in conference committee; Governor Brown restored funding for the State Emergency Food Assistance Program (SEFAP) to $5 million; SB 1388 (human trafficking) was determined to have no fiscal impact and is sitting on the senate floor and is expected to pass and SB 1165 (human trafficking) passed out of the senate appropriations suspense file today and is expected to pass.  Our only regret is that SB 840 did not pass out of appropriations suspense because it was deemed too expensive.

These issues are so important to the Jewish community and the community at large and we hope that our conversations and relationships hep make these bills move ahead to protect the most vulnerable in our State.

Register today for JPAC’s Advocacy Day!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January 2013! Time is flying, and that also means that JPAC’s Advocacy Day is going to come up fast- May 20-21 to be exact!  JPAC wants YOU and members of your community, your colleagues, your volunteers, your staff, and your friends who are interested in lobbying on issues of importance to them and to the larger California Jewish community.

JPAC’s Advocacy Day provides opportunities to:
-Participate in real civic engagement
-Be a part of a Statewide community working for common goals
-Network with colleagues and friends around the State
-Meet elected officials and engage in meaningful conversations with them
-Experience the thrill of being in the State Capitol with the largest coalition of Jewish organizations in the nation

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Are budget cuts imminent for social services agencies?

It’s a tense time for social service agencies in California.  The fiscal cliff still threatens as the Feds have kicked the can down the road to buy some more time.  The California State budget will be coming out soon to inform us about how funding for social services is going to look this year.

JPAC members Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles and Jewish Family and Children’s Services in San Francisco are balancing many unknowns, as detailed in the December 11, 2012 article in the Jewish Journal.  Click HERE to read it.

California’s 2013 Budget Projection

The Legislative Analysts Office has released their outlook for the 2013-2014 fiscal year and project a $1.9 billion deficit. While this could be considered a budget crisis (and in most economies it is), it is a vast improvement over the deficit originally projected.  Click here for more information about the LAO’s analysis.

Proposition 30 Passed!

Proposition 30 Passed!

At JPAC’s most recent Board meeting, held on October 24, 2012 at the LA Jewish Federation building, the Board voted 8-0, with 13 abstentions to support Proposition 30.  JPAC sent a letter of support to Governor Brown’s Proposition 30 campaign in advance of the November 6th election.  You can read our letter here, and also check out an op-ed piece written by Paul Castro and Terry Friedman of the Jewish Family Service (JFS) of Los Angeles.