During the current Israel-Gaza conflict, California elected officials from State and local government have made statements in support of Israel.  JPAC appreciates their ongoing support in standing with Israel against terror.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg: “I welcome the announcement of a ceasefire agreement between the Government of Israel and Palestinian Hamas. The Israeli Government should be commended for allowing Egypt’s proposal an opportunity to work, despite the indiscriminate missile and bomb attacks launched from the Gaza Strip against the civilian population of Israel.

“To avoid further retaliatory surgical strikes against those operatives seeking to terrorize Israeli civilians, Palestinian leaders must accept that its rocket attacks from Gaza must stop. Recognizing that the violence perpetrated by Palestinian Hamas has brought suffering upon its own people, as well as the people of Israel, I urge the Israeli government to show restraint in the face of provocation by continuing to guard against strikes on the civilian population of Gaza.

“From my travels through the region, I know that most Palestinians and Israelis aspire to see an end to this perpetual cycle of violence.

“A true test of integrity now rests on the shoulders of Palestinian Hamas, which will be monitored and judged around the world.”

Speaker John A. Pérez:  “Today the Government of Israel responded to weeks of cross-border rocket attacks on Israeli citizens by launching surgical airstrikes on rocket emplacements in the Gaza Strip, as well as targeted attacks on senior leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas. I believe the Israeli government made the correct decision in avoiding attacks on areas with civilians present, such as schools and hospitals where Hamas has made a practice of storing and firing weapons. Every American should be concerned about this latest escalation of the ongoing conflict, and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have been killed, Israeli and Palestinian alike.

I have visited Israel extensively, and have met with families and soldiers who live in the southern portions of Israel where these latest incidents have occurred. I know first-hand that the vast majority of Israelis, and the vast majority of Palestinians are fervently hopeful for the day when Israel and the Palestinian people can reach an accord that leads to lasting peace through security for the people of Israel and prosperity and opportunity for the Palestinian people.”

Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield:  “Israel must do what is necessary to defend its people.  One million Israeli lives are threatened by rockets launched by Hamas and other terrorist organizations.  That is almost the number of Jewish Californians who have never confronted such an attack on our shores.  We must stand in unwavering support with the Israeli people and pray that this conflict will soon pass.”

Assemblymember Mike Feuer:  “In a deliberate effort to provoke a violent confrontation with Israel, Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel’s civilians.  No nation can stand idly by while its civilians are terrorized this way.  Having traveled to Israel’s border with Gaza and many of the locations throughout Israel now targeted by Hamas’ wanton attacks, I am deeply sympathetic with families now under constant threat from Hamas. The People of California stand with all those in the Middle East who are eager to end needless bloodshed and join together to create a stable, secure and lasting peace.”

Sen. Ted W. Lieu, D-Torrance: “I join Californian elected officials in calling for an accord that leads to lasting peace and security between Israel and the Palestinian people.  The first step in achieving that accord and stopping the violence is for Hamas to stop launching thousands of rockets into Israel, and to stop bomb attacks in Israel.  The issues in this conflict are numerous, deep, and complex.  But what is not at issue is Israel’s absolute right to self-defense.  Several years ago I went to Israel and visited communities that endured indiscriminant rocket attacks being launched from Gaza.  Those rocket attacks were unacceptable then, and are unacceptable today.   It is clear to me the vast majority of Israelis and the Palestinian people want peace.  I hope and pray that a cease-fire will be negotiated soon.”

State Senator Sharon Runner (R-Antelope Valley):  “The attacks on Israel by terrorist group Hamas must be condemned. It is killing and injuring civilian Israelis and Palestinians, and is counterproductive to any peace effort in the Middle East. Having had the opportunity to see first-hand the devastation left by these rocket fires by Hamas years ago, I pray for the safety of the people of this region and for Hamas to stop the violence.”

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar):  “After being bombarded by more than 1,500 missiles and rockets since January of this year, the Government of Israel took the necessary actions of defending its people by launching surgical airstrikes in an effort to protect Israeli civilians and disable the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.  The United States Government, including the White House, the State Department, Department of Defense, and Congress have expressed solidarity and support for Israel’s right to self-defense. While our hearts and prayers are with the Israeli and Palestinian people, Israel has a right and duty to defend itself and respond to the constant attacks from Hamas. It is my hope that a genuine peace can take hold where both Palestinians and Israelis can live and prosper without the threat of violence.”

LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz to the LA City Council:  “ Colleagues, I wanted to take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Israel.  People throughout our great City of Los Angeles have been much saddened and angered by the recent and reprehensible barrage of rockets from Gaza into Israel.  Peace-loving people throughout Los Angeles and the world fully decry such terrorist violence that is aimed at Israel and that gravely harms the cause of peace.  Los Angeles shall always stand firmly in support of the cause of peace and of Israel’s security, independence and well-being.  There are numerous press reports that there could be a negotiated cease fire as early as today.  Let us all join in praying for that outcome.