California Announces $40 Million in Funding for Security Grants Protecting At-Risk Institutions

JPAC and the Jewish Caucus have led advocacy efforts to address the security needs of nonprofits and faith-based organizations under threat of violent attacks and hate crimes.


April 10, 2024


SACRAMENTO, CA — The California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) announced today $40 million in awards for the California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program (CSNSGP). The purpose of the program is to provide funding support to strengthen building security and other physical enhancements to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk for violent attacks and hate crimes due to ideology, beliefs, or mission. Recipients of these funds include synagogues and other faith-based institutions, LGBTQ and community centers, and reproductive health facilities.


“Security infrastructure has always been a priority for the Jewish community, but the need has increased dramatically since October 7th,” said David Bocarsly, JPAC’s Executive Director. “Today, we are relieved to know that synagogues and other institutions impacted by hate will be safer. We’re grateful to Governor Newsom for continuing to prioritize this program, and to the Legislative Jewish Caucus for working with us to champion this request.” 


JPAC led the community-based advocacy efforts for this funding, which was championed by the Legislative Jewish Caucus, co-chaired by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel and Senator Scott Wiener, and supported by the Black, Latino, AAPI, and LGBTQ Legislative Caucuses.


During the 2023 budget negotiations, amidst a $32 billion budget deficit, Governor Newsom and the legislature put $20 million into the budget for this program. Following October 7th, the Governor unilaterally doubled the existing funding, bringing the total to $40 million. The state is facing an even bigger budget deficit this year and clawing back unspent funds to balance the budget. However, the Governor’s recent Golden State Plan to Counter Antisemitism (released April 5, 2024) committed to granting all $40 million dedicated for this program. Today’s announcement is the actualization of that commitment.


The CSNSGP was oversubscribed again this year, making the application process particularly selective. The state reviewed a record 1,254 applications totaling over $255 million in need in communities across California, nearly double the previous record. Only 193 applicants were awarded funding, representing around 15% of the applicant pool.


“This program is critical to the institutions who were awarded funds, but the sheer number of applicants demonstrates that the demand for this program remains much higher,” said Bocarsly. “We will continue to advocate for more funding in the upcoming budget cycle to meet the overwhelming need of California’s vulnerable communities.”


About the CSNSGP

The CSNSGP was created by AB 1548 (Gabriel) in 2019 to fund security enhancements that include reinforced doors, gates, high-intensity lighting and access control systems, security guards, and inspection and screening systems. In 2022, the legislature passed AB 1664 (Gabriel), expanding the criteria to include security training. Last year’s AB 1185 (Gabriel) permitted Jewish Federations and other organizations with security networks to use the program for communication and training programs across a network of institutions. JPAC and the Jewish Caucus sponsored each of these three bills, which were all signed into law by Governor Newsom.

JPAC works with the Jewish Caucus, the Governor’s office, and the legislature to secure annual funding from the state budget for the CSNSGP to protect the safety of vulnerable groups. As a result of these efforts, the state has allocated $165 million towards this program since 2019.

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